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Bitcoin casinos are the same gambling and entertainment portals, that offer their customers a wide variety of software, offer customers high-quality and safe cooperation and provide generous bonuses. The only thing, that distinguishes bitcoin casinos from portals offering transactions in currencies familiar to gamers is the use of bitcoin currency for deposits and withdrawal of winnings.

Every new client who decides to register on the gambling and entertainment portal can receive a bitcoin casino no deposit bonus and thus start a membership relationship. Also, Bitcoin casinos are distinguished by maximum security, they offer services based on licenses obtained, their activities are constantly monitored by the relevant authorities. All transactions are not only secure and anonymous, but also very fast.

The list of the best Bitcoin casinos with a no deposit bonus

To find the best bitcoin casino with a no deposit bonus, we invite our readers to study the rating of gambling and entertainment portals based on cryptocurrency, which we have placed on our Internet resource. We have provided a list of high-quality and reliable gambling and entertainment portals, that have won the love and trust of a huge number of gamers over the years. Sites with slot machines, that we have compiled in the rating have the following qualities:

  • availability of a license;
  • a large game library;
  • generous bonuses;
  • convenient terms of membership;
  • simple registration;
  • maximum customer protection;
  • the anonymity of each user;
  • fast and secure payments.

When compiling a rating of the best bitcoin casinos, we did independent reviews, and also studied reviews of real customers. After the received volume of work results, we were able to create a rating of the best gambling and entertainment portals, among which every gamer can choose the ideal bitcoin casino for himself.

Why are Bitcoin casinos with a no deposit bonus popular?

Bitcoin casinos with no deposit bonus are just at the peak of their popularity right now. A huge number of new customers visit such online portals every day, study the terms of a membership, and register. Such an increased interest in such online casinos is due to several reasons:

  • the use of a safe currency, that guarantees complete anonymity when conducting financial transactions;
  • the quality of the software presented;
  • generous bonus gifts;
  • the opportunity to test the portal and get real rewards without personal investment.

These qualities have positively influenced the growing popular bitcoin casinos, and therefore they are one of the most frequently visited portals today.

After registration, gamers receive a no deposit bonus from bitcoin casinos. That is, to receive a promotion, players do not need to replenish their gaming account. Users use the received encouragement to launch slot machines. And if the gamer manages to fulfill the conditions of the withdrawal of the no deposit bonus, then the rewards received from the gameplay, he will be able to withdraw to his crypto-wallet. However, it is important to understand, that it is important to deposit the subsequent gameplay.

What are the specifics of withdrawing rewards from bitcoin casinos received based on a no deposit bonus?

If we compare a no deposit bonus and a deposit promotion, then, as a rule, online casinos are not subject to the general requirements of the provider for the turnover of no deposit promotions. However, other restrictions are imposed on this type of bonus — most often this is the maximum available amount for withdrawal. What does it mean? This means, that the online casino puts forward the maximum allowable amount of the reward, that can be withdrawn.

Let’s take an example: a gamer will receive a no deposit bonus, for which the provider has put forward a maximum winnings limit of $ 500. The player managed to win $ 800 on a reward basis. This means, that the gamer will be able to withdraw from a Bitcoin Casino only $ 500, and the remaining three hundred will simply burn out.

Features of withdrawing rewards from bitcoin casinos

After the client has made a BTC casino instant deposit and started playing for real investments, he can receive rewards. And, of course, every client wants to withdraw the winnings. Bitcoin casinos imply the withdrawal of rewards exclusively to the gamer’s crypto wallet.

Sometimes a withdrawal of winnings can fail. This may be due to:

  • the gamer’s crypto-wallet is not tied to his personal account;
  • the processing time for the withdrawal request has exceeded the permissible limit;
  • the player indicated in the withdrawal request an amount greater, than the allowable one.

If you have received a refusal to withdraw rewards, the first step is to contact the technical support service. The gamer must explain the situation to the technical support representative, after which he will find out the reasons, and then advise on the next steps.